The 15 Best Body Pillows for Buying in 2021

Body pillows are incredible bed companions for individuals who have joint issues or pregnant ladies. Getting a delicate body cushion, however firm and offers extraordinary help for your body, can be debilitating. We have assembled a list of the best body pillows and all you require to think about them. But considering how many first-class body pillows are available, it tends to be hard to figure out which body pillows satisfy their guarantees and merit the purchase.

We did a lot of searches to locate the best body pillows and considered numerous components, including price, flexibility, softness, and uphold. In this article, we survey the 15 most loved body pillows we revealed and give you all the data and subtleties you’ll require to settle on a savvy and educated buying choice.

1. INSEN Long Side Sleeping Body Pillow for Adult and Pregnancy

1. ISide Sleeping Body Pillow for Adult and Pregnancy

Premium pillow cover in navy blue causes you to feel astonishing and entirely agreeable. This rich, full-body cushion serves both surface and magnificence. This agreeable body pillow is sufficiently long and makes it the best collaborator for hopeful mothers and back/side sleepers. You need to uphold everyday rest, sit, and rests. This full-body uphold pillow fits the characteristic shapes of the body.

Also, take this naval force blue shading pillow in bed is so lovely and show your room enthusiastic. Machine wash and tumble dry the body cushion for simple consideration. We utilize long silk cotton that will remain smooth and soft inside the pillow gives solace to side help.


  • Dimension 23 x 17 x 3.5 inches
  • Item weight 6.09 pounds
  • Jersey material
  • Long bolster shape
  • King Size body pillow for adult
  • Super Soft Velvet Cover
  • Very comfortable and feel amazing
  • Soft, silky, and skin-friendly.
  • Oversized for Total Body Support
  • Fully relax yourself when you are reading, watching TV/movie
  • Easy Care with Zipper Cover.
  • Machine washable
  • Little bit heavy
  • Not enough stuffing for the whole pillow

2. Oubonun Premium Adjustable Loft Quilted Body Pillows

2. Adjustable Loft Quilted Body Pillows

Adjust the space of our flexible pillow to the best help and solace levels for you. Advances an adjusted spine for any sleeper whether you need a side sleeper cushion, a back sleeper pillow, and a stomach sleeper pillow or on the off chance that you need pretty much space. Our agreeable bed pillows accompany 100% cotton, breathable and hypoallergenic pillowcases to give you an extra comfortable resting experience.

With its excellent knitted top pillow design, our body pillow, anti-blurring property, and high-quality 7D polyester fill, it is ideal for the dormitory, lodging, or room. This strong pillow are anything but difficult to deal with and hypoallergenic. Most importantly when you open the vacuum sack, perhaps this body pillow isn’t cushioned and steady.

So please press, crush and overlap it to get it back to its ordinary full cushy shape. Second please permit as long as 48 hours for the pillow to grow to full shape. Finally, the machine washes and dry it. This will make this cushion more cushy and strong.


  • Dimension 17.01 x 13.23 x 6.85 inches
  • Item weight 7.33 pounds
  • Hypoallergenic pillowcases (100% cotton) 
  • Plush and supportive body pillow
  • Rectangular shape
  • Zipper design to adjust filling to your liking
  • Adjustable firmness
  • Suitable For All Kind of Beds
  • Use with Bed Pillow
  • Comes with Extra Free Pillowcase
  • Washable
  • Ideal for Pain Relief
  • It’s not very soft
  • Not big enough at all

3. INSEN C-Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow with Jersey Cover

3. C-Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow

C shape body pillow configuration replaces other little pillows in your bed. This C-formed body pillow is solace and following your body form molded that aiding support your body, for example, back, gut, hips, and knee. Best Maternity Pillow to Your Family – High thickness delicate cotton adjusts to your gut and back when you need to rest, read, medical attendant, or stare at the TV.

This full body pregnancy pillow can help you into a quality rest, decreasing interferences the entire evening and mitigating back torment, hips torment, and lower back agony. Across the board Pillow and Widely Use Pillow. Maternity body pillow makes pillow when you are dozing, staring at the TV/film, perusing, resting, messing around, and working at home.

It supports your body to decrease thrashing around, giving you a quality rest and keep your neck, shoulder, back, and hip adjusted during the night. Likewise, the pillow is foldable into the various situation to raise your leg to improve blood course.


  • Dimension 58 x 28 x 7.8 inches
  • Item weight 6 pounds
  • Jersey Knit Cover material
  • C shaped body pillow design
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Full Body Pillow for Pregnant Women
  • Fits your body curved shaped
  • Belly and hip support
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Pillow is foldable into multiple position
  • Machine washable
  • Somehow uneven
  • Not flat or fluffy

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4. Soft-Tex SofLOFT Body Pillow, 20×54, White

4. Soft-Tex SofLOFT Body Pillow

The Biopedic SofLOFT Body Pillow gives an extravagant pillow to your entire body, making a more peaceful rest insight. This cushion consolidates premium hypoallergenic SofLOFT polyester fiber load up with an extravagant 240 string check, poly-cotton cover for definitive help, and solace throughout the evening.

The Biopedic body pillow joins premium hypoallergenic polyester fiber load up with a polyester/cotton 240 string check delicate cover. With Biopedic liberal fiberfill, you will get the solace and backing you have been looking for.

Find what makes this body cushion stand apart from the rest. With progressive SofLOFT fiberfill and a super-delicate cover, this body cushion offers perpetual solace.


  • Dimension 54 x 20 x 4.5 inches
  • Item weight 2.5 pounds
  • Hypoallergenic SofLOFT polyester fiber fill
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Generously filled with hypoallergenic SofLoft fiber fill
  • Plush support you want, where you need it
  • Luxurious soft feel
  • Super-soft cover
  • Durable
  • Folded in half
  • Little bit small
  • Smells like a sweat shop

5. Utopia Bedding Soft Body Pillow

5. Soft Body Pillow

This body pillow underpins your head and neck, however, the remainder of your body, as well. Our body cushion is ideal for Stomach, or Side sleepers, just as pregnant sleepers. The body cushion arrives in a convenient size of 20 by 54 crawls to fit the body’s characteristic shapes to keep the body in the correct position while resting. Our delicate body pillow with Ball Fiber Filling offers the ideal help for your shoulders, hips, midsection, and back while in bed.

A cotton mix makes it too delicate and solid. Twofold Stitched Edges so you don’t need to stress over them destroying, and the pillow arrives in a vacuum gathered sack to forestall any harms during shipment. This cushion will fit the characteristic shapes of your body. At Utopia Bedding, every one of our items is made utilizing the best and best materials. Our body cushion is spot cleanable.

Utilize a material or wipe to clear off any stains or soil utilizing a gentle cleanser blended in with cold water. Tumble dry on low. It can be machine washed to make it as new as could be expected.


  • Dimension 7.5 x 12.1 x 17.3 inches
  • Item weight 5.09 pounds
  • Cotton material
  • Handy size of 20 by 54 inches
  • Ball fiber filling
  • Soft and durable 
  • Double stitched edges 
  • Natural contours of the body 
  • Warmth and comfortable
  • Spot Cleanable & Dryable
  • Vacuum packed bag in order to prevent any damages during shipment
  • Affordable price
  • Premium Quality Body Pillow
  • Not so great in keeping the hips aligned
  • Little bit heavy

6. Awesling Full Body Pillow | Nursing, Maternity and Pregnancy Body Pillow

6. Awesling Full Body Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillow: Whether you are in your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd month, our comfortable pillow will frame you and your body with soft cushioning and maintenance. It’s a brilliant gift for pregnant mothers! The multi-position pillow offers you an assortment of dozing positions! Eliminate the side and use it as a knee rest. At that point, cuddle into the C-molded pillow permitting it to support your body. Ergonomic Bonus Pillow: This total maternity care pillow set incorporates a little 45 point pillow, which is ideal for propping your child knock to reduce the strain on your back muscles while resting.

Similarly, as Comfortable for Men: Adults, all things considered and sizes will profit from our comfortable pillow intended to grasp your all-out body while resting on your side, back, or stomach. Secure Your Healing Body: Use a post-medical procedure pillow to offer to cushion where you need it. Regardless of whether you have had knee or hip substitution, spinal or shoulder medical procedures, this pillow will help.


  • Dimension 60 x 30 x 7.5 inches
  • Item weight 8.63 pounds
  • Cotton material
  • Semi-C shape
  • Double Stitches
  • Extra Durability
  • Thoughtful Gift for Pregnant Women!
  • Supreme Body pillow
  • Ergonomic Bonus Pillow
  • Sleep Comfortably
  • A Wonderful Nursing Pillow
  • Easy Care Soft Velvet
  • Only long on one side
  • When separate pillows the zippers poke

7. Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Pillow for Side, Back, Stomach Sleepers

7. Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Pillow for Side, Back

Suggested by Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Sports Trainers and Doctors, Beautiful Life Bed Roll Pillow utilizes 100% expense quality visco-flexible adaptable pillow ding which is hypo-allergenic and gives magnificent solace and backing to various territories of the body, for example, lower back, knees, hips, legs or lower legs, and is best for back, side, or stomach sleepers, knee/hip substitution after medical procedure recuperation, or during pregnancy.

Guarantee spine/hip arrangement and unwinding, emphatically improve nature of rest, and restore your body. This adaptive padding situating wedge body pillow at size 20. 5″ x 8″ x 4. 5″ is amazing to give pillow and lumbar help to resting/sitting while at the same time alleviating lower back and sciatic nerve agonies, Scoliosis, and Sciatica Relief.

Utilizations this Half Moon Bolster as under knee uphold cushion, the spacer between legs, lumbar help while sitting on leaning back couch/sofa/seat, leg reinforces for raising your legs while dozing on your back, or position under your lower legs to lift your feet for the better course while lessening varicose veins and quickening post a medical procedure recuperation. Covered by breathable and machine launder-able natural cotton cover.


  • Dimension 8 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Item weight 0.9 pounds
  • Memory foam material
  • Effective orthopedic pain relief
  • Multi positional body support
  • Comfortable
  • Under knees support for back sleepers
  • Ankle elevation
  • Light weight
  • Very firm
  • Ideal for pain relief
  • Under the neck to prop your head up while watching TV
  • Not very soft
  • Small in size

8. Meiz 55″ U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow – with Washable Cotton Cover

8. Meiz 55" U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

The Meiz U molded body pillow is all the help you require for your hurting joints and neck. It is additionally excessively delicate and light in weight. This pillow is additionally sufficiently huge to help you. It is additionally thick and firm. The cover cleans up without any problem. It is cushioned and agreeable, and It helps you to rest adequately regardless of whether you struggle to doze for a long time. It has a zipper that permits you to add or eliminate stuffing to suit your inclination.

55 Inch/Cooling Pregnancy Body Pillow Cover Pregnancy Pillow with Washable Material – Filling: This extra delicate, movable and scentless 7D empty fiber filling gives solace the side resting and holds cushiness for better execution and longer use. U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow – This natural pregnancy cushion is intended to follow the bent state of your body, regardless of how you might want to rest.

Meiz pregnancy pillows and maternity cushions were created for pregnant moms yet are agreeable for everyone! Multi-Functional Pregnancy Pillows – Meiz maternity body pillow makes a midsection uphold position for resting, perusing, and staring at the TV. The all-out body formed of this body pillow gives an effortless and sweet rest.


  • Dimension 55 x 30.7 x 6.3 inches
  • Item weight 3.1 pounds
  • Cotton cover / Polyester fiber filling material
  • U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
  • Soft, adjustable and odorless
  • Fabric is more resilient 
  • Multi-Functional Pregnancy Pillows
  • Washable Material
  • Comfy cooling cotton cover
  • Double zippers
  • Pregnancy U Pillow for Deeply Sleep
  • Belly support position for sleeping, reading and watching TV. 
  • Arms don’t stay together
  • Not very supportive

9. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Pregnancy/Maternity Contoured Body Pillow

9. Pregnancy/Maternity Contoured Body Pillow

The Leachco Back ‘N Belly is made with polyester and cotton. That implies the perfect mix of weight point help in addition to delicateness. To finish it all off, this body cushion comes at a great value point. At the point when you’re expecting you may see you need as much help for your developing gut as you do your back. The Back ‘N Belly Original offers equivalent help for back and stomach simultaneously.

There’s no compelling reason to reposition pillows during the evening, abandon side to side, and your body pillow is exclusively fit. The inward forms were intended to follow the normal bent state of your body. The Back ‘N Belly Original accompanies a hoax-style removable cover.

When buying an additional Cover for your Back ‘N Belly Original Pillow, try to buy a Back ‘N Belly Original Cover. Back ‘N Belly Chic Covers won’t fit Back ‘N Belly Original Pillows.


  • Dimension 55 x 33 x 8.5 inches
  • Item weight 7.04 pounds
  • “Hourglass”/“violin “contour shape
  • 100% Polyester Fiber material
  • Cover: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
  • Comfortable night’s rest
  • Uniquely shaped to fit the body
  • Full body size
  • Conveniently machine-washable cover
  • Super-soft cotton/poly filling
  • 100% organic cotton removable sham cover
  • Not much padding
  • Little bit expensive

10. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Travel & Storage Bag

10. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Travel & Storage Bag

This body pillow has quite possibly the most exceptional plans we explored. It’s a snared C shape to, in a real sense, twist up in. Or, on the other hand, loosen up on your side or stomach per your preference. The pillow is super-loaded down with lavish poly mix fill. The external cover is machine launderable. Something checked commentator’s state they certainly appreciate.

Browse five flawless tones. Our C-Shape full body cushion replaces the requirement for up to 5 different pillows. Supports your head, neck, spine, tummy, back, hips, and legs. Position this pillow in various designs on your bed, lounge chair, couch, or even the floor! We’ve attempted most body pillows out there, and the steady issue we discovered was cushioned tearing at the creases.

That is the reason we twofold sewed this pillow right around for extra durability. This full-body pregnancy pillow is loaded up with a polyfill mix intended to furnish delicate solace with expanded help thickness as you apply weight to it.


  • Dimension 61.81 x 29.13 x 5.91 inches
  • Item weight 7.05 pounds
  • Jersey Knit Cotton Cover
  • C Shaped Full Body Pillow
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Double-Stitch Seams
  • Storage made EASY
  • Beautiful Stylish Bag
  • Be Comfortable Wherever You Go
  • Machine Washable Cover
  • Super Soft Material
  • Perfect for pregnancy, athletes, GERD sufferers
  • It’s not fluffy
  • It’s pretty thin

11. INSEN 55in Long Side Sleeping Body Pillow for Adult and Pregnancy

11. 55in Long Side Sleeping Body Pillow

Premium pillow cover in navy blue causes you to feel astonishing and entirely agreeable. This rich, full-body pillow serves both surface and magnificence. This agreeable body pillow is sufficiently long and makes it the best collaborator for hopeful mothers and back/side sleepers.

It would help if you had upheld in everyday rest, sit, and rests. This full-body uphold pillow fits the characteristic shapes of the body. Also, take this naval force blue shading pillow in bed is so lovely and show your room enthusiastic.

Machine wash and tumble dry the body pillow for simple consideration. We utilize long silk cotton that will remain smooth and soft inside the pillow gives solace to side help.


  • Dimension 22 x 16 x 3.5 inches
  • Item weight 6.39 pounds
  • Super Soft Velvet Cover.
  • Oversized for Total Body Support
  • Feel amazing and very comfortable
  • Vacuum sealed packing
  • Purple Velvet Body Pillow
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Fits your body curved shaped
  • Folded easily
  • Washable cover
  • Pain relief
  • Not enough filling in it
  • Little bit expensive

12. VERCART Full Body Pillow for Adults

12. Full Body Pillow for Adults

A unique decorative bed throw pillow for its beautiful designer shape. This enlivening body cushion fits our body’s common shapes and keeps the body in the correct position while resting; it likewise functions admirably as an agreeable side sleeper pillow. Fit across the entire bed and serve different individuals all at once as an all-encompassing reinforce cushion.

Dispose of additional pillows or keep them from sliding down between the bedding and bed outline. Multipurpose bed style cushion can work further as a lumbar pillow, back pillow, understanding pillow, headboard pillow, or in any event, dozing pillow; can likewise be utilized on the daybed, couch, and seat by the window.

Loaded down with premium polyester fiber; separable pillow covers for washing. Two-layer design with zipper closure & button fastener. The pillow cover is removable and machine-washable—a special holiday gift pillow for all ages, genders, holidays, and occasions.


  • Dimension 19 x 17 x 4 inches
  • Item weight 4.64 pounds
  • 100% polyester fiber filling
  • Velvet fabric
  • Ultra comfortable and durable
  • Two layer design with zipper closure
  • Stable supportive shape
  • A unique decorative bed throw pillow
  • Special holiday gift pillow for all ages, genders, holidays and occasions
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Light weight
  • Little bit expensive
  • Material is not up to mark

13. Meiz Pregnancy Pillow with Velvet Cover

13.  Pillow with Velvet Cover

Delicate Velvet Cover Three Advantage Of Meiz Pregnancy Pillow For Everyone – The principal advantage, the pregnancy pillow is separable. You can change the body pillow to numerous shapes, which backing full body in your need. In the subsequent bit of leeway, we give an extra customizable belt that keeps a large u shape pregnancy pillow set up without moving. Finally, there is an additional plan for putting your arms with the goal that you can bid farewell to arm hurt. Meiz Maternity Pillow With Excellent Quality – The extra delicate and flexible filling holds fleeciness for better execution and longer use. Pregnancy Body Pillow For Rest Easy – This maternity body pillow is multifunctional.

It’s the astounding across-the-board dozing pillow for those who burnt out on stacking numerous bed pillows to help their head, back, midsection, knees, hip, and feet appropriately! Profoundly Sleep With Body Pillow U Shaped – The body pregnancy pillow may help pregnant ladies and individuals experiencing back agony and leg expanding, sciatica, fibromyalgia, thrashing around, or after injury recuperating.

Adequately offers improved blood dissemination throughout the evening and deliveries your body pressure. An incredible blessing to show your friends and family, family, or companions that you truly care about their unwinding and wellbeing with this astounding full-body pregnancy pillow.


  • Dimension 22.83 x 17.72 x 4.72 inches
  • Item weight 8.67 pounds
  • Create head to toe support
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Velvet soft fabric
  • U Shaped Full Body supporter
  • Detachable Extension
  • Adjustable Belt
  • Change to many pillows
  • Use as a leg relief pillow
  • Great for reading
  • Material isn’t jersey
  • Little bit heavy

14. Memory Foam Body Pillow with Bamboo Fiber Cover

14. Body Pillow with Bamboo Fiber Cover

Softer than polyester, this pillow features natural bamboo fibers weaved into the rayon zippered pillowcase, which absorbs excess moisture and odor and is antibacterial and mildew proof- creating a restful night’s sleep! The soothing foam pillow will not go flat and is large and long enough to ensure support, alignment, and pain relief for your full body without crowding the bed. The combination of solid and shredded memory foam maintains its shape while supporting your entire body and features a breathable, soft bamboo fiber pillowcase, resulting in well-rested sleep, even for side sleepers!

Memory foam body pillows are perfect to use if you are suffering from back pain, pregnancy discomfort, or aching legs, knees, shoulders, and hips. This hypoallergenic pillow helps allergy sufferers rest easy and features a zippered removable cover that is 100% machine washable. The foam pillow is spot clean by hand only. Removable Cover Materials: 40% Bamboo Fiber, 60% Rayon. Pillow material: Shredded Polyurethane Foam encased in a layer of Solid Polyurethane Foam.

Lavish Home is committed to providing consumers with the absolute best price and value on our entire line of products. This is an exclusive product of Lavish Home, and ONLY Memory Foam Body Pillows by Lavish Home are GUARANTEED to be genuine.


  • Dimension 50 x 14 x 7.5 inches
  • Item weight 4.54 pounds
  • Polyester, Memory foam, Rayon, Polyurethane Foam
  • Combination of solid and shredded memory foam
  • Large and long enough to ensure support
  • Softer than polyester
  • Antibacterial
  • Mildew proof- creating a restful night’s sleep
  • Soothing foam pillow
  • Supporting your entire body
  • Ideal for those suffering from back pain, pregnancy discomfort, or aching legs, knees, shoulders and hips.
  • Quite thick
  • Smelled bad

15. Hypoallergenic Protector Cover Pillow Case – 21 x 55 Inches, Body Pillow

15. Hypoallergenic Protector Cover Pillow Case

The pillow defender forestalls dust parasites, bloodsuckers, and different allergens from entering your pillow. The cover’s super-close weave stops them at the surface, where they effectively move washed away on clothing day. The hypoallergenic pillow encasement settles on an incredible decision for anybody with pets, hypersensitivities, or asthma. Made of 100% cotton, the tight-weave cover helps shield your pillow from allergens yet additionally offers breathability for a cool and agreeable surface.

Sans vinyl configuration offers non-abrasiveness and calm while offering dampness, sponginess, and durable execution. Counterbalance zipper conclusion completely ensures your pillow while easily opening and shutting without catching on the edges of the cushion inside. An additional layer of deliberately positioned texture is sewn into the encasement, simply behind the zipper, for an additional layer of safeguard against allergens by securing against holes.

The additional layer of texture advances upgraded execution and is expected to remain mostly sewn set up when opening and utilizing the cushion defender.


  • Dimension 9.45 x 5.91 x 0.79 inches
  • Item weight 7.4 ounces
  • 100% Cotton for Softness and Strength
  • Hypoallergenic Design
  • Resists bed bugs and dust mites
  • Fully Zipped
  • Comfortable, quiet, vinyl-free design
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Extra layer of fabric behind the zipper closes all gaps
  • Machine Washable
  • Providing breathable, cool comfort.
  • Very thin material


An extraordinary night’s rest can change your health, viewpoint, and your rest designs. Consider a full body pillow or maternity pillow (indeed, regardless of whether you’re not pregnant!) to assist you with getting settled in case you’re having issues. Continuously make certain to peruse confirmed client audits.

You need to realize how individuals simply like you feel about the pillow you’re thinking about. Utilizing the components sketched out above, you can locate the best body pillow for a stunning night’s rest.

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