12 Best Hand Dryers in 2021- The Ultimate Buying Guide

House Finger specializes in all aspects of professional washroom & kitchen hygiene services and products. Today we will help you to choose the best Hygiene Hand dryer for yourself, if are you looking for a perfect, valuable and best hand dryer then are you in the right place check out the list of our 12 best hand dryers.

1. AIKE AK2630S Automatic Hand Dryer

AIKE AK2630S Automatic Hand Dryer

Designed for limited space area, but still meet commercial grade requirement. ABS Polycarbonate Construction – Provide long-lasting strength, this durable, corrosion-proof bathroom accessory will stand up to extensive use and everyday wear and tear. AIKE Support – 2-year manufacturer warranty, lifetime technical support.


⦁ Voltage: 100-130V
⦁ Frequency: 50Hz/60HZ
⦁ Input: 1400W-1650W
⦁ Air Velocity: 105 m/s
⦁ Sensing Range: 3-5 inch
⦁ Drying efficiency: 10-15 seconds

  • High speed hand dryer
  • Device turn off as soon as you move your hands away.
  • Small dimensions it could fit practically anywhere.
  • Save power
  • It’s noisy

2. Blue Storm High Speed Hand Dryer

Blue Storm High Speed Hand Dryer

It is not vandal resistant so if you are installing a hand dryer in a public restroom where high volume usage or potential vandalism could occur, call us for our top recommendations. The Blu Storm hand dryer is well known for its cool blue light. The blue light guides the user’s hands to the most effective drying position allowing the Blue Storm to dry hands fast and effectively in just 10-15 seconds. The BluStorm (Blue Storm) hand dryer is in stock and ready to ship fast and free.


⦁ Completely Touchless
⦁ Hand drying time: 12-15 seconds
⦁ Saves energy by automatically shutting itself off
⦁ Constructed out of stainless steel

  • The high speed hand dryer with the cool blue light
  • Very acceptable noise level and dries hands very fast
  • It can take up lot of space

3. AjAir Automatic Hand Dryer

Blue Storm High Speed Hand Dryer

In the wake of waggling our wet fingers under a few hand dryers, we’ve chosen a top choice, and after various trials, we can perceive any reason why it’s a well known smash hit. The AjAir Heavy Duty electric hand dryer is our victor. It’s extreme and solid, worked for hefty business use, yet has a smooth and current plan that would fit in any region. It keeps up a predictable temperature, has energy sparing movement sensors and rushes to introduce. We should examine the highlights of this electric hand dryer.


⦁ Stainless steel
⦁ High-speed design
⦁ Power: 1800 W
⦁ 45 second cut off time
⦁ Heat air: 130 °F
⦁ Overall size: 12” 6”11” inches (H x W x D)

  • It’s powerful
  • It comes with the brackets for installation
  • Easy care and easy clean design
  • It handles daily wear and tear
  • Expensive to buy

4. American Global GX1 ABS Cover Automatic Hand Dryer

American Global GX1 ABS Cover Automatic Hand Dryer

One-piece, flame retardant, white ABS plastic cover for impact and wear resistance has two tamper-resistant screws holding the cover to mounting base to help reduce vandalism damage. The air blower motor is a permanently lubricated, maintenance-free, brushless induction motor with an automatically resetting thermal protector for reliable service Infrared sensor turns the dryer on when hands are under the outlet and off when they aren’t to conserve energy and reduce the risk of germ transmission by eliminating the need for a manual control Rated for 110-120 V and 50/60 Hz for use with single-phase power in North America.


⦁ Impressive wind speed.
⦁ Air Flow: 130 CFM/H
⦁ Air velocity: 4,500 LFM
⦁ Hand drying time: 12-15 seconds
⦁ Heat air: 130 °F
⦁ Operate at 63 dB+
⦁ Overall size: 9-3/8 x 10-1/8 x 5-5/8 inches (H x W x D)

  • Typically installed in high traffic or public restrooms
  • Air intake vents are shielded for additional protection
  • Hand drying time is slightly high

5. Interhasa Commercial Hand Dryer

Interhasa Commercial Hand Dryer

Low energy consumption design also helps you save money on electric bills. Touchless sensitive infrared sensor, with build-in smart infrared sensor, you don’t have to touch anything to dry your hands and keep your hand hygiene. These hot air hand dryers with built-in heating element have automatic thermal protection including timeout protection, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, and operates in the black range for maximum life.  It will largely reduce the use of paper towels. Go Green and save you lots of paper towel costs. Low energy consumption design also helps you save money on electric bills.


⦁ Timing progress light
⦁ Air Flow: 75CBM/H
⦁ Wind speed: 15 m/s
⦁ Hand drying time: 9-10 seconds
⦁ Waterproof grade: IPX2.
⦁ ABS Material
⦁ 50 db noise level

  • It turns off after use to save power
  • It goes hot quickly
  • Affordable to buy
  • Easy to install
  • It is noisier than other

6. Excel Dryer XL-GR-ECO XLERATOR Hand Dryer

Excel Dryer XL-GR-ECO XLERATOR Hand Dryer

The newly improved XleratorEco XL-GR-ECO hand dryer in graphite finish is stylish and highly effective that dries hands in only 10 seconds – a sound choice for your pocket and for the environment! With adjustable speed and sound to easily suit the needs of a multitude of washrooms, the XleratorEco efficient hand dryer also comes with a washable metal mesh filter to guarantee consistent performance.


⦁ Dry Time: 10-15 seconds
⦁ Airspeed: 16,000-19,000 LFM
⦁ Power:  2.2A – 500W – 50Hz (export)
⦁ Adjustable Motor: 5/8 HP – 20,000 rpm
⦁ Surface mount. Recessed mount with recess kit
⦁ Waterproof Grade: IPX3 (Water Ingress Level 3) 
⦁ Product Dimensions: 11-3/4 W x 12-11/16 H x 6-11/16 deep
⦁ Net Weight: 17 lb

  • There is a 35-second lockout feature if hands are not removed.
  • 50% longer life which is attributed to a new curved brush motor
  • It is expensive as compare to other

7. XLERATOReco XL-BW-ECO Hand Dryer


In fact, in a recent PCR study, by UL Environment (a division of UL, Underwriter’s Laboratories), the XLERATOReco recorded dry times as low as 10 seconds1 In terms of energy usage, it was shown to use JUST 1.7 Wh! 1 accumulated energy which turns out to be about 25¢ per 1000 uses! Made in the USA, with quality, commercial-grade components, the XLERATOReco will pay for itself many times over in saved paper towel and janitorial costs over its operational life. XLERATOReco uses No Heat technology to dry hands fast while using only 500 watts of energy, making it the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly hand dryer on the planet.


⦁ Dry Time: 10 seconds
⦁ Airspeed: 19,000 LFM
⦁ Power: 430-500 Watts (Adjustable), Universal Voltage
⦁ Brush Motor: 22,000 RPM
⦁ Max Air Speed: 224 MPH
⦁ Waterproof Grade: IPX3 (Water Ingress Level 3) 
⦁ Product Dimensions: 11-13/32″ Wide x 12-5/16″ Tall x 6-11/16″ Deep
⦁ Net Weight: 9.04 lb

  • Innovative No Heat Technology
  • Can Install Multiple Units on One Circuit
  • Expensive than other

8. VALENS Hand Dryer

VALENS Hand Dryer

This Quiet Hand Dryer Is Ideal in Peaceful Settings like Spas, Hospitals, And Offices, Durable & Aesthetic, making only 70-72 Decibels of Noise. A Sturdy Stainless Steel Cover And Long-Lasting Motor Provide Outstanding Durability. Simply mount and plug into a standard outlet, or hardwire. It to Your Power Lines… Safe & Reliable: This Eco-Friendly Public Restroom Accessory Is Equipped With Overload/Short-Circuit Protection and Ip23 Liquid Defense for Dependable Electric Performance in Damp Bathrooms.


⦁ Installation: Wall-mounted (plug-in or hardwired)
⦁ Dry Time: 8-10 seconds
⦁ Shell: Stainless steel
⦁ Power: 1800 Watts, 110V/60HZ
⦁ Brush Motor: 22,000 RPM
⦁ Max Air Speed: 224 MPH
⦁ Max Air Temperature: 104°F
⦁ Waterproof Grade: IP23
⦁ Sensing Distance: 2-6 in.
⦁ Waterproof Grade: IP23
⦁ Product Dimensions: 11.8” x 12.4” x 5.3”
⦁ Net Weight: 9.04 lb

  • Efficient and powerful
  • Safe and reliable
  • Low noise and wide application
  • Automatic and clean
  • May need quality

9. Dyson Hand Dryer

Dyson Hand Dryer

Airblade V hand dryer now 30% calmer. With the reinvented Dyson advanced engine V4 and Hepa channel. Dries hands with cleaner air in 12 seconds. The Dyson guarantee isn’t legitimate for any private applications as ALL Dyson items are warrantied for business utilize as it were. The Dyson HU02 hand dryer can be mounted or removed from the wall quickly and easily due to the innovative backplane installed in the Dyson Airblade V Series.


⦁ Lowest running costs
⦁ 12 second dry time
⦁ Dries each hand separately
⦁ Antimicrobial coating
⦁ Slim profile
⦁ The most hygienic hand dryer, using HEPA filters to remove bacteria microns from the air.
⦁ Use the easy-mount backplate (sold separately) for simple self-service installation and maintenance.
⦁ Low impact on the environment
⦁ Overall dimensions: 9-1/4″W x 4″D x

  • Touch-free operation
  • Dries each hand separately
  • Low environmental impact
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • It can take up a large space

10. Awoco Round Automatic Hand Dryer

Awoco Round Automatic Hand Dryer

Detachable and washable air filters filter 99.97% of bacteria from the moist restroom air and prevent dust from entering the machine, extending the life of the dryer… QUIET & COMPACT – Compact internal structure makes a low noise, 72dB Noise level at 40 inches. This prevents continue running without attendance to save energy waste, such as sticky gum in the sensor. DURABLE & SANITARY – Easy to clean one-piece seamless brush finish #304 stainless steel.


⦁ Low energy consumption.
⦁ Hand drying time: 10-15 second
⦁ Sensing distance: 6-8 inch (adjustable)
⦁ Heat air: 68-104°F
⦁ Operate at 70 to 72 dB+ – (decibels) using a brushless motor
⦁ Compact internal structure makes a low noise,72dB Noise level at 40 inches

  • High speed
  • Quiet & Compact
  • Energy & money save
  • Safe air temperature, won’t hurt children hands
  • Need to press buttons

11. Powerpress Ultrathin Automatic Electric Hand Dryer

Powerpress Ultrathin Automatic Electric Hand Dryer

The WBHome Ultra-Thin Electric Automatic Hand Dryer is equipped with a functional two-stage HEPA filter for efficient functioning. With the ultra-thin design, you can easily attach the hand dryer to the wall for efficient functioning. WBHome Ultra-Thin Electric Automatic Hand Dryer is a great product to purchase. It helps cut down energy bills. Apart from that, it’s well-engineered to serve you for an extended period thanks to the stainless steel body.


⦁ Impressive wind speed.
⦁ Air Flow: 75CBM/H
⦁ Wind speed: 200 mph
⦁ Hand drying time: 10-12 seconds
⦁ Sensing distance: 5 + – 1 inch (adjustable)
⦁ Waterproof grade: IPX2.
⦁ Heat air: 113-149°F/45-65°C
⦁ Operate at 70 to 72 dB+ – (decibels) using a brushless motor
⦁ Overall size: 11″ x 6″ x 12″.

  • Impressive wind speed
  • Premium quality hand dryer
  • Money Saving
  • Easy to Install
  • High temperature
  • Need to press buttons

12. 8OION Technologies Heavy Duty Automatic Hand Dryer

8OION Technologies Heavy Duty Automatic Hand Dryer

Besides the bigger dining room, you’re also renovating the bathrooms, and you got to be up to date with the modern world with this automatic hand dryer. Uni-body stainless steel design makes it look sleek while still being robust and low maintenance.


⦁ Sliver or brushed silver finish
⦁ Dry time: 10 seconds
⦁ ABS Cover
⦁ Noise muffling system
⦁ 95 m/s wind speed

  • It’s quieter to operate than some other like it
  • Affordable to buy
  • It dries hand quickly
  • You can choice a finish
  • It’s not very powerful


One of the best models is Xlerator hand dryer. This Xlerator hand dryer achieves a high-velocity air stream by a contoured nozzle and dries your hand in just 10 to 15 seconds. It also meets GreenSpec standards, so this automatic hand dryer is best for you. Not only does the XLERATOR dryer dry hands in one-third of the time required by conventional models, but its hand-drying system is also designed to run on 15 amp service (making it great for older buildings). The combination of these two factors results in 80% less energy cost per use vs. conventional hand dryers.

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